New IBM Redbook Residency announced for DB2 Express-C

Cuneyt Goksu

New IBM Redbook Residency announced for DB2 Express-C
Residency Announcement:
SD-6D12-R01 DB2 Express-C: The Developer Handbook for XML, PHP, C/C++, Java
and .NET

Benefits to Resident: Residents will gain practical knowledge in DB2 UDB
application development with XML, PHP, C/C++, Java, and .NET, and will
leave the residency with valuable skills which can be immediately applied
to customer environments. The residents will interact with other highly
skilled residents and develop contacts with DB2 UDB developers --- and
ultimately become a published author.

This residency begins 12 Jun 2006, ends 21 Jul 2006 (6 weeks), and requires
4 residents. The residency is running in San Jose CA.

Nominations should be submitted online on the Web by 04 May 2006.

Here is the website with all of the details.

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