DB2 Viper Chat with the Lab - Thursday, June 15th 1 PM Eastern

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DB2 Viper Chat with the Lab - Thursday, June 15th 1 PM Eastern

DB2 Chat with the Lab - Thursday, June 15th
DB2 Viper: Using Data Compression to Cut Costs

Disk storage systems can often be the most expensive components of a
database solution. For large warehouses or databases with huge volumes of
data, the cost of the storage subsystem can easily exceed the combined cost of
the hardware server and the data server software. Therefore even a small
reduction in the storage subsystem can result in substantial cost savings for
the entire database solution. Data row compression in DB2 Viper is a
remarkable new feature that can reduce storage requirements, improve I/O
efficiency, and result in savings of up to 80%.

Join Sal Vella, VP of DB2 Development, Bill Minor, DB2 Development Manager,
and Chris Eaton, DB2 Product Manager, to take you through a deep dive into DB2
Viper's compression technology and its impact for your business.

Webcast timings: Thursday June 15, 2006
1 PM Eastern
12 PM Central
10 AM Pacific
6 PM London

Note this session is a webcast and may require some minimal set-up prior to

Click here to signup for this webcast: www.ibm.com/db2/labchats

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