DB2XML - what do you think?

Cuneyt Goksu

DB2XML - what do you think?

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Hi Cuneyt,

I ran across your DB2 User Group today on www.idug.org. I’m
contacting you on behalf of Krengel Technology. We are an IBM
Business Partner.

We’re currently gathering input from the DB2 community on a product
we’re developing called DB2XML.

DB2XML will allow third party access (e.g. anything from internal
.NET/Java development teams to trusted business partners) to a subset
of DB2 tables by using industry compliant XML SOAP-based web services
described by a WSDL.

We are building functionality that would allow an administrator to
configure access to certain tables on the System i5 through a
configuration table. This means System i5 profile and passwords are
not handed out to ODBC/JDBC developers – a strong positive on many
fronts. Once a .NET or Java developer has been given access to a
table they can then make an XML request that includes an SQL SELECT
statement to the System i5 and the result set will be returned in XML
form to the requester.

Note that there is ZERO server side coding necessary because all the
XML and data handling is done dynamically. This will be for READ ONLY
access, meaning SQL INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs would not execute.

If this feature would have any interest to you or other members of
your DB2 User Group, please contact me or forward my email
appropriately. We are currently looking for beta testers.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and input.

Jeff Skistad
Sales & Marketing
Krengel Technology Inc
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RPG-XML Suite - an XML web services toolset for IBM iSeries
professionals – www.rpg-xml.com

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