Introducing The DB2 Monitoring Console - Open Source Project

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Introducing The DB2 Monitoring Console - Open Source Project

Introducing The DB2 Monitoring Console - Open Source Project
The DB2 Monitoring Console - Open Source Project is a light-weight,
web-based console for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows. It is also a set of
building blocks for rapidly developing your own console or PHP Web-based
application. It is completely self-contained and includes setup
instructions, best practices, and a customization guide as well as a
detailed set of exercises that will teach you to extend the project. And
now, the DB2 Monitoring Console - Open Source Project is available at:

The site includes downloadable code, forums,
installation and setup documentation. Also if you subscribe to the project
mailing list we will let you know when update are available
( You can also
submit feature requests or report defects through the project tracker.

Installation, setup and configuration instructions are in the
documents tab of the sourceforge site
( If you have any problems
getting started please post questions, problems or defects through the
sourceforge project tracker or forum.

While this started in an IBM lab, this is a community project. The
intent is for people who use DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows to customize
and extend this project and contribute back to the community. It is
designed from the ground up to be customizable and open to developers. All
the reports and menus are simple to customize through a powerful XML
definition language. Custom queries and SQL can be saved and reused without
writing custom PHP. If you want to go further and design your own actions or
forms, a complete tutorial is included as part of the DB2 MC that explains
everything from simple changes to major reworks of the system.

Please let us know how you change DB2 MC to fit your needs. We are
always looking for real world experience to feed back into the design. While
we prefer direct feedback through the sourceforge forums you can send email
directly to Peter Kohlmann, [login to unmask email] Read on for more details on
this exciting new initiative...

What is The DB2 Monitoring Console?

a.. A light-weight web-based console interface for DB2 Linux, UNIX
and Windows servers
b.. An extensive example and set of best practices for using PHP
with a DB2 data server
c.. An easily extendable basis for your own PHP application or DB2
What does The DB2 Monitoring Console Do For You?

a.. Highlights and demonstrates some of DB2's core features
b.. Works with DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Version 9 and 9.5
What does The DB2 Monitoring Console Let You Do?

a.. Explore data server performance reports
b.. Access information integrated into the Monitoring Console from
the DB2 Information Center.
c.. Diagnose problems using the database history and administration
d.. Display a summary of the data server including all code levels
and operating system details
e.. Navigate the DB2 catalog and display the contents of any table
or view
f.. Search and understand configuration parameters and registry
g.. Search and understand database authorizations
h.. Connect to any DB2 data server using only an IP address and save
the connection for later use
i.. Manage workload with DB2 9.5
j.. Write, save and submit custom SQL
k.. Explore license compliance reports
The DB2 Monitoring Console also contains all of the building blocks
for your own custom monitor or application. The sample allows you to:

a.. Quickly define the interaction rules for specific tables, views,
table functions and custom queries through XML profiles
b.. Automatically create default XML profiles from any table or view
c.. Extend the existing menu through XML profiles
d.. Build Web-based applications by coding simple href tags
The DB2 Monitoring Console illustrates how easy it is to write basic
PHP applications that can access a DB2 data server. It includes examples of
how to:

a.. Create attractive table displays
b.. Sort by column title
c.. Create drill-down selections
d.. Link to related tables
e.. Create, update, and search for data.
f.. Divide a result page into multiple pages for easy navigation
g.. Ensure security through DB2 authentication and authorization
h.. Store usernames and passwords safely using session variables

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