DB2 for z Kullanicilari icin / DB2 for z/OS Terabyte Club

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DB2 for z Kullanicilari icin / DB2 for z/OS Terabyte Club

Join the "DB2 for z/OS Terabyte Club"

This could easily be the coolest club you have ever joined. Of course,
the best part is that it has only one, very straightforward criterion to
qualify for membership. You have to be running one terabyte or larger of
raw data in a data warehouse (DW), operational data store (ODS), data
mart (DM), reporting system, or any decision support system using DB2
for z/OS on System z.

The Terabyte Club will be offering two levels for customer
participation. First, there is our basic level, what we refer to as our
"Silent Partners". A Silent Partner is a customer who has met the club
admission requirements, but is not willing to have their company name
listed in the public club materials or on the Terabyte Club website. We
understand that some customers do not allow the use of their name for
any reason, even for as noble a cause as our Terabyte Club. However,
even we can't publicize your name; we still would like you to join so we
have something for you just for letting us know you're out there. After
all, even if I can't say who you are, I can increase our membership
count. A Silent Partner will receive the following benefits:

* Access to a special "ask zDW Swat" e-mail id which provides
direct access to the zDW Swat team. BTW, I'm on the Swat Team in case
you were not already aware. But you probably guessed that.

* A Terabyte Club T-Shirt (up to 3 per customer). This will be a
collector's item someday. Maybe even worth a small fortune on E-Bay...

The Terabyte Club's second level or participation, the level I hope
everyone will sign up for, is a "Full Partners". A Full Partner is a
customer who has met the club admission requirements, and is willing to
have their company name listed in public club materials.

We are NOT asking you to be a reference and talk to other customers
about what you're doing with your warehouse or how you did it. We are
ONLY asking you to let us list your company name in our club materials
(website, a slide we might use in a warehouse presentation, etc...)

Of course, a Full Partner has ALL of the benefits listed above for a
Silent Partner. In addition though, you get a few really cool additional
benefits. In addition to all the benefits listed above, a Full Partner
will also receive:

* Recognition at the Information on Demand Conference and via club

* A zDW Swat Team environment evaluation (that's me, or someone on
my team)

* The top 15 members, determined by warehouse raw data size, will
receive an on-site IBM Executive visit.

* We may even dream up a few more benefits for Full Partners.
We're new at this a we keep getting new and better ideas for improving
the Club.

It's so easy to join. All you need to do is download the Terabyte Club
application form (PDF is found
complete it, and FAX it to the number listed on the form. If you would
rather not mess with paper, you can use our online form (online form
will be available very soon, watch this space) if you find that more
convenient. Either way, they both end up at the same place.

If you need additional information you can contact
<mailto:[login to unmask email]> mailto:[login to unmask email] or
<mailto:[login to unmask email]> mailto:[login to unmask email]

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