[Webcast] Business Benefits of DB2 Stored Procedures & Web 2.0

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[Webcast] Business Benefits of DB2 Stored Procedures & Web 2.0

Title: Business Benefits of DB2 Stored Procedures & Web 2.0

Broadcast date: January 27th 2009, 11 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, 4:00
p.m. Greenwich Mean Time

Developed for: IT managers, application architects, database
administrators, system administrators, system programmers and system

Managing network traffic is almost always an issue that only gets more
troublesome as code becomes increasingly complex. Yet, as applications
grow, they need to be able to execute in distributed environments. Reuse
of code has both helped and complicated this challenge. How can you
continue to provide secure access to data and reduce network traffic?
One way is through a very powerful database feature called "Stored
Procedures" used in conjunction with the power of Web services.
Join us for this complimentary teleconference and learn more about this
new dynamic. As more businesses see the tremendous benefits of bringing
Web services technologies to distributed computing, and as those
technologies mature, there's more serious attention being given to
leveraging Stored Procedures and Web services. One way is by using Web
services for integration of information assets on the mainframe, such as
DB2R for z/OSR, IMST and CICSR transactions - for a lightweight, open,
standard interface to all these assets. Learn how much easier it is to
access and integrate traditional information assets into larger business
processes. You'll understand when to use stored procedures, the benefits
and how stored procedures can be deployed.

This teleconference will help get you started on the benefits of this
approach to:

Reduce network traffic and client code complexity in a client/server
Increase portability
Find opportunities for reuse
Secure assets to DB2 data
Improve performance
Technical level: Basic - intermediate

Speaker: Maryela Weihrauch, DB2 for z/OS Development, Solutions
Architect, IBM Distinguished Engineer

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  • Jan 27 Telecon Invitation Draft - Benefits of DB2 Stored Procedures and Web 2.0.pdf (148.4k)