INVITATION: DB2 Chat with the Lab, Tuesday, February 3rd 11:30 Eastern

Cuneyt Goksu

INVITATION: DB2 Chat with the Lab, Tuesday, February 3rd 11:30 Eastern
DB2 Chat with the Lab - Tuesday, February 3rd, 8:30 AM Pacific, 10:30 AM
Central, 11:30 AM Eastern, 4:30 PM London, 5:30 PM Paris
DB2 LUW Performance Part 1 - Just the FAQs!

Our first Chat of the new year will cover some of the most frequently
asked DB2 LUW performance questions, such as, what is the best approach
for fast INSERT performance? How do I minimize the impact on my system
when I'm collecting performance data? What snapshot elements should I
pay attention to for everyday monitoring? How much overhead can I expect
if I create my database in Unicode? ...

This chat will cover a wide variety of common DB2 performance questions,
in areas such as implementation, administration, and application
development. The typical answer to performance questions is "it
depends", but here we will take a straightforward approach, with
emphasis on clarity, useful guidelines and rules-of-thumb. Underneath
these answers will be a solid foundation of 'why' - including
experimental data and explanations of DB2 internals. This will provide
you with useful information on some of the most common and persistent
DB2 performance questions.

This session will be followed next by a Chat with the Lab that looks at
IBM products beyond what's available with DB2 LUW to monitor and improve
performance. Our speakers for this session will be Sal Vella, Vice
President, Development, Distributed Data Servers and Data Warehousing
and award winning speaker Steve Rees, Senior Manager, DB2 Performance

RSVP for this Chat at: You may
receive registration assistance by phone by calling 800-289-0579. Please
plan to dial in 10 minutes early the day of the call so that you may be
added into the call quickly.

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