DB2 Chat with the Lab - Cloud Computing

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DB2 Chat with the Lab - Cloud Computing

DB2 Chat with the Lab
Wednesday, Mar 25, 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Central / 10:00 AM

DB2 and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Virtualization have been named the top 2 strategic
technology trends for 2009 by various analysts. With the current climate
tight IT budgets and restraints on capital expenditure, Clouds come to
rescue with pay-as-you-use models for compute, storage and software
and offer flexibility to scale-on-demand. You can now lower the costs of
database solutions by taking advantage of Cloud computing with DB2.

In this session we will:
- introduce Cloud Computing, its benefits, and IBM Cloud strategy
- cover usage scenarios for running DB2 in a Cloud
- describe various Cloud deployment options for DB2 and offerings on
Amazon EC2
- hear from business partners leveraging Clouds for DB2-based solutions

Our speakers for this session will be:
Sal Vella, VP Development - Data Servers & Data Warehousing, IBM
Leon Katsnelson, Program Director - Data Management Portfolio, IBM
Rav Ahuja, Senior Product Manager - Data Management, IBM
Mike Oliver, CTO, Corent
Scott Chate, Dir. of Products, Corent
Uri Budnik, Director of Business Development, RightScale

This will be a one hour session followed by 15-25 minutes of Q&A.
The start time for the session is:
Wed, Mar 25, 1:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Central / 10:00 AM Pacific

Information for attending this session

To attend this session, register at the site below to receive the
call-in telephone numbers and further instructions:

You may receive registration assistance by phone by calling
Please plan to dial in 10 minutes early the day of the call so that you
may be added into the call quickly.

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