DB2 Chat - Easily Enabling Oracle apps to DB2 9.7

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DB2 Chat - Easily Enabling Oracle apps to DB2 9.7
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Subject: DB2 Chat - Easily Enabling Oracle apps to DB2 9.7

Next DB2 Chat with the Lab
Thursday - July 16, 2009
11:30 AM Eastern / 10:30 AM Central / 8:30 AM Pacific /
4:30 PM London / 5:30 PM Munich

Enabling applications from Oracle to DB2 the easy way

IBM DB2 9.7, the new release of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows,
numerous features that allow you to quickly enable Oracle applications
to DB2.
These features, such as support for Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL dialects,
the new
Concurrency Control option, and new datatypes, allow many applications
for the Oracle database, to execute virtually unchanged with DB2.

Whether you want to switch your custom application or extend your DBMS
support, its now time to break free with DB2! Join, Sal Vella - VP of
and Serge Rielau - SQL Architect, from the DB2 lab to learn more about
Oracle compatibility features in DB2 9.7, and get your questions
answered. Several
customers and business partners such as AnnanTech will also be on hand
to share
their Oracle to DB2 9.7 enablement experiences.

Information for attending this session
This DB2 Chat with the Lab on DB2 9.7 will be held on Thursday 16th July
2009 at:
11:30 am Eastern / 10:30 am Central / 8:30 am Pacific / 4:30 pm London /
17:30 Munich time.

This session will be available both as a teleconference and a
web-conference with audio.
To attend this Chat and receive further instructions, kindly RSVP using
the link below:



and enter: Conference ID: 4395987 Passcode: 6067994

If you missed the DB2 9.7 Overview Chat, you can view a recording on


or attend the June 24 webcast sponsored by IDUG:


Recordings of previous DB2 Chats are available on ibm.com/db2/labchats

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