IDUG Sponsor: BMC Software - Slash CPU Costs by Using SMART SQL - Learn How

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IDUG Sponsor: BMC Software - Slash CPU Costs by Using SMART SQL - Learn How

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Eliminate SQL bottlenecks and reclaim mainframe processing power -
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Cut costs and boost productivity - through SMARTer SQL

Tuning SQL is arguably the fastest way to cut CPU cycles and get more
processing power from your mainframe.

Learn how. Join BMC Software and industry experts Susan Lawson and Dan
Luksetich of YL&A as they demonstrate how to write SMART (SQL Made to
Accurately Reflect Transactions) SQL, and how BMC SQL Performance for
DB2 improves performance, productivity, and availability by helping you
find and fix SQL bottlenecks.

You'll learn more about:

> How to write SMART SQL instead of applications that act like
generic I/O modules to DB2
> How to tune SMART SQL to further reduce CPU usage
> SQL and application features in DB2 9 that free even more CPU

Thursday, November 5, 2009 11:00 am CDT

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