IDUG Sponsor: Informatica Educational Webinar

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IDUG Sponsor: Informatica Educational Webinar

Subject: IDUG Sponsor: Informatica Educational Webinar

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Event: Safely Retire Legacy Applications
While Maintaining Easy Access

Time: 10 AM PT, 12 PM CT, 1 PM ET, 1800 GMT
Date: Wednesday, August 18
Presenters: Joshua Alpern, Vice President, ILM Product Specialist,

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We're all familiar with them: those legacy applications that no longer
add value, but still absorb significant costs. But how do you retire a
legacy application and the supporting software and hardware stack, while
keeping the data accessible for reporting and compliance?

Find out how to safely retire your legacy applications and enjoy lower
total cost of ownership. With years of experience in archiving
enterprise application databases for public, private, governmental,
educational and non-profit organizations, Informatica will provide an
expert overview on how to:

> Achieve rapid payback with a best-in-class application
retirement solution
> Eliminate hard-to-maintain legacy application infrastructure
and associated personnel costs
> Maintain efficient discovery and retrieval of retired data to
quickly respond to audit requests
> Access required data using any reporting tool
> Enable regulatory compliance by retaining data cost-effectively
and by protecting the authenticity of archived data
> Build a retirement factory
> Apply best practices methodology for application retirement

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