Justify Your Stay with IDUG's Interactive PDF and Downloadable Grid

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Justify Your Stay with IDUG's Interactive PDF and Downloadable Grid

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Build Your Case to Attend IDUG EMEA

< http://www.idug.org/idug-europe/index.html > IDUG EMEA 2010, 8-12
November, is the source for the best in DB2 education, training and
networking. Although attending IDUG is an invaluable experience for DB2
professionals, IDUG understands that justifying the cost is difficult,
especially during tough economic times. To help build your case, IDUG
created tools to help communicate your attendance goals. Below you will
find an
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interactive PDF and
Final_9.8.pdf> downloadable grid, both filled with the user-driven
content you’ve grown to trust from IDUG.

IDUG EMEA Interactive PDF

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interactivepdfThe IDUG EMEA Interactive PDF is filled with highlights
from this year’s conference.
< http://www.idug.org/images/stories/IDUG_0630710_EMEApdfFINAL_9.13.pdf >
Download the PDF to find information regarding the keynotes, technical
sessions, the IDUG Solution Centre and much more! Don’t forget to check
out the IBM hands-on labs, which are new to IDUG EMEA!

IDUG EMEA Downloadable Grid

Final_9.8.pdf> onlinegrid2Download the IDUG EMEA 2010 grid to view the
list of technical sessions available this November in Vienna. Print the
grid, circle the sessions you’d like to attend and show your supervisor
the jam-packed learning experience you'll acquire through IDUG.

Early Bird Deadline – October 11 2010

Take advantage of the early bird discount and save €275 off your
full-conference rate by registering
< http://www.idug.org/conferences/idug-europe-2010/flypage.tpl.html > on
or before October 11, 2010. To register visit www.IDUG.org/EMEA.

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