Webcast : Why is DB2 for z/OS better than Oracle RAC?

Cuneyt Goksu

Webcast : Why is DB2 for z/OS better than Oracle RAC?


*2011'in ilk Webcast duyurusu ektedir. Hepinizin yeni yılını kutlar,
sağlıklı, başarılı bir gelecek dilerim. *

*Cuneyt Goksu*


*Why is DB2 for z/OS better than Oracle RAC? *

In recent years, IBM DB2 has been under considerable pressure from its
competitors, most notably Oracle RAC. These competitors claim to provide the
same functionality and quality of service characteristics as DB2.

DB2 specialists are often asked by the business decision makers to
articulate the technical advantages of DB2 and justify the choice of DB2 as
the database server:

- Why is DB2 for z/OS considered the ultimate database server?
- What are the technical differentiators by which it stands out,
particularly against Oracle RAC?
- How does Oracle RAC process concurrent transactions as opposed to DB2?

*Broadcast Date:* January 25, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, 4:00
p.m. UTC / GMT

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