Betr: [DB2-L] HP servers with Oracle databases to System z and DB2

Marcel Harleman

Betr: [DB2-L] HP servers with Oracle databases to System z and DB2


I am currently trying to grasp the impact of an upgrade from DB2 V9 on z/OS
to DB2 10. In the manual "Installation and Migration Guide" I find the
following text:

Enforced SELECT authorization checking for UPDATE and DELETE statements

DB2 Version 10 checks for the SELECT privilege or appropriate
administrative privilege before allowing a user to execute UPDATE or DELETE
statements that reference an existing value in the target table. This
authorization checking applies regardless of how the statements are
executed (for example, bound in a package or executed in a dynamic
statement). The authorization now also applies regardless of the setting of
the SQLRULES(STD) bind option for static statements or the CURRENT RULES
special register for dynamic statements. If the user does not have the
necessary SELECT authorization or administrative privilege, a negative
SQLCODE is returned.

Am I correct in assuming that another way of saying is that with DB2 10 for
z/OS UPDATE or DELETE authorization against a table is useless unless the
authid you are using implicitly or explicitly has the SELECT authorization
on the same table, or even column in case of an UPDATE, as well? I think in
99% of the cases that would be common practice, but so far it's not
obligatory ...
Is there anybody already running DB2 10 on z/OS who can confirm or deny or
give another explanation/interpretation?


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