Job Posting (DB2 DBA, 2, St. Louis, MO, USA)

Philip Sevetson

Job Posting (DB2 DBA, 2, St. Louis, MO, USA)
here's another one that a recruiter asked me to put up, so you unemployed folks
out there (and the rest of you jobhunters as well), email me at the address at
bottom of post if you're interested.

Here are the 2 positions: one is an Application DBA and one is a Systems DBA

DB2 DBA on Mainframe Z platform
Job Overview:
Assists in the setting of direction for the use of best practices and
application database solutions.  Works with application teams to implement sound
RDMS data solutions that follow industry best practices and methods.

Knowledge/Experience (preferred):
Demonstrates a broad understanding of tools, utilities, and knowledge within
Data Architecture  (3 to 5 years experience with Tools)  Current Tools include
BMC Change manager, IBM utilities, Query Monitor, Mainview.
Demonstrates a broad understanding of Data Architecture’s role in supporting
business processes including database design and use of Database modeling
tools.   Current tool  - Powerdesigner.****************************************
Phil Sevetson
Database Administrator -- DB2-z/OS, IMS, MS SQL Server, Oracle
IBM Information Champion, 2010-2011

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