Important note

Mark Labby

Important note

At the end of the month the list will be incorporated into the IDUG website software.  In order to keep getting the messages for the Central PA user group, you MUST have an account on the IDUG website.  

Since a lot of you were probably put on the list by Cathy Peck or from signing up at one of the local RUG meetings in Camp Hill over the years, you may not have been using the website. Please follow the links that Cuneyt provided below and create the free IDUG membership or verify your account information so you do not lose access.  

This change will give Lori the ability to have a place on the website for hosting the PDF files for the regional meetings, a calendar for scheduling them and taking reservations, and a lot of new capabilities.  As a member of IDUG, in addition to the Central PA group area, you will have access to thousands of DB2 presentations and hundreds of videos.  

There is NO COST to join, the IDUG membership is free.  

I am a skeptic, so I hear someone mumbling, 'they will put me on their spam list'...  IDUG has been host this mailing list, so has had your e-mail address for years.  If that was the goal we are going about it the hard way...  <grin>

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Mark Labby
Senior Database Administrator International DB2 Users Group
American Education Services/PHEAA Board of Directors
717-720-2731 -- [login to unmask email] IBM Champion


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Date: 06/17/2011 08:38 AM
Subject: [ADMIN] About IDUG Web resources
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IDUG.ORG is moving to its new home very soon. As part of it, our precious DB2-L and all other listservs are also going to move. All archives and information will remain freely accessible through e-mail and on the web. Since you, and the list, are of great importance to the community we thought you should know. Testing of the new site is already underway and we will be bringing you many exciting new options and features while preserving the best features of the lists!  
You must have a FREE account to access or post to the list.  If you are not a member yet, please register NOW to ensure there is no disruption in your list access. You can create your account at   
If you already have an account, please make sure that the e-mail address of that account matches what you use for the listserv.  You can review and/or update your account at
More info to follow so please stay tuned.
List Admins...

The IDUG DB2-L Listserv is only part of your membership in IDUG. If you are not already an IDUG member, please register here.

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The IDUG DB2-L Listserv is only part of your membership in IDUG. If you are not already an IDUG member, please register here.