Mark Labby


The IDUG website and these listserv e-mail services will be changing on July 1st.  

Please make sure you have updated your IDUG.org account by the end of the day Thursday, June 30, 2011.  There will be brief outages of both the website and lists on Friday as things get switched over.  The expectation is that most things will be converted throughout the day and the website back up before the end of the day.  A few things to expect when the new Forums/Listserv goes live:

  • You will be able to get the messages in individual e-mails, digests, or using the new website based Forums.  
  • All messages, including the DB2-L archives going back to 1999 have been brought over and will be available.
  • Messages will no longer be coming from @IDUGDB2-L.ORG – change your white list to allow @LISTS.IDUG.ORG
  • There are a few changes which are part of enhanced security and to help prevent spamming of members and spoofing of accounts.
    • Security is tied with your free IDUG.org membership accounts, so you must be registered to post and receive postings by mail.  
    • Changes to your account, must be made on the website.  There are no e-mail based commands.

A positive change coming from the more secure account is that the lists can now allow attachment links.  Listserv accounts have the default setting to have attachments converted to a link.  So NO attachment is being sent to you, but you have the option to pull it from the website.  The attachments will be scanned when posted to the IDUG.org website, but as with all e-mail that can send an attachment make sure you know the person posting before downloading.  This provides the most flexibility to members, but if abused the poster will be warned, the account can be forbidden to post, or the membership cancelled.

More information will be coming out over the next few days and weeks.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.