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Cuneyt Goksu

[ADMIN] About IDUG Web resources
IDUG.ORG < http://idug.org/ > is moving to its new home very soon. As part of
it, our precious DB2-L and all other listservs are also going to move. All
archives and information will remain freely accessible through e-mail and on
the web. Since you, and the list, are of great importance to the community
we thought you should know. Testing of the new site is already underway and
we will be bringing you many exciting new options and features while
preserving the best features of the lists!

You must have a FREE IDUG.org account to access or post to the list. If you
are not a member yet, please register NOW to ensure there is no disruption
in your list access. You can create your account at
www.idug.org/join < http://www.idug.org/create-customer-account.html > .

If you already have an IDUG.org account, please make sure that the e-mail
address of that account matches what you use for the listserv. You can
review and/or update your account at
www.idug.org/update < http://www.idug.org/billing-information.html >

More info to follow so please stay tuned.

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