Dallas/Ft Worth DB2 Users Group 3rd Qtr Meeting, Tuesday, August 9th, 8am - Noon

Ed Lynch

Dallas/Ft Worth DB2 Users Group 3rd Qtr Meeting, Tuesday, August 9th, 8am - Noon

What:  Dallas/Ft Worth DB2 Users Group 3rd Quarter Meeting

When:   Tuesday, August 9th, 2011



Classroom 4015 (4th Floor)

1503 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX 75234



8:00 a.m.         Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00 a.m.     Temporal Function in DB2 for z/OS, It’s About Time!

10:30 am     Row Permissions & Column Masking in DB2 for z/OS Version 10, Delivering Tighter Security for Today’s Applications

Noon           End of Business Meeting


The Day’s Speaker:  Bala Iyer – International Business Machines, Distinguished Engineer

Topic 1:  Temporal Function in DB2 for z/OS, It’s About Time!

DB2 for z/OS Version 10 introduced a groundbreaking innovation that enables the database to manage the time dimensions of

a)      system time (aka audit time, transaction time, or knowledge dates, and in/out dates), and

b)      business time (aka effective date, valid time, or from/to dates)

using SQL extensions that IBM has worked together with ANSI and ISO and all other DBMS vendors to make part of the SQL 2011 standard.  The extensions yield a significant degree of application simplification for applications tracking single and two dimensional histories.  Early adopters have reported:

  • Over 10x reduction in lines of code needed to code this class of applications
  • Appreciable CPU savings when compared with implementing the same functions in the application.

DB2 has also generalized the database enforced unique key constraint to a constraint that enforces uniqueness at each point in time solving a problem that temporal application developers have grappled with for nearly twenty years.  Early users have reported that simply by enabling the new point in time uniqueness constraint, DB2 helped clean problematic data and reduced application errors.

Come hear from the innovator of this technology as he gives a deep dive into this capability while explaining how temporal tables can be architected into your environment, simplify your applications and reporting interfaces, and be managed by your database administrators.  This talk is likely to be of special interest to those who are dealing with audit requirements, insurance, banking, or other financial applications, warehousing applications with the SCD2 issue, retail applications, or government.    

Topic 2:  Row Permissions and Column Masking in DB2 for z/OS Version 10 Delivering Tighter Security for Today’s Applications

Row and column access control is a DB2 data security solution that enables you to manage access to a table at the level of a row, a column, or both.  Implemented through row permissions and column masks, row and column access control is data-centric, policy-driven, and flexible. Unlike multilevel security, row and column access control is integrated into a database system and places the security logic where the data is. It effectively eliminates the need to filter security-sensitive data at the application level and ensures that the data is protected regardless of the applications and tools that are used to access it. All applications and tools that access the database are automatically subject to the same control. 

This session will enable database administrators, database security administrators, application architects, and application programmers to be able to utilize row and column access control and masking to meet the tighter security requirements needed to support today’s applications.


Speaker Biography:  

Bala Iyer is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in Database Technology in IBM’s  Silicon Valley Lab.  Bala started working with DB2 for z/OS in Version 1 and with DB2 LUW at the time of its founding.  He has innovated a number of technologies that have been incorporated into DB2 for z/OS, DB2 LUW, and into other IBM DBMS products.  These innovations have included compression, sort acceleration, query optimization methods, and temporal technologies; and he is currently exploring in-database analytics.   Bala has responsibility for the delivery of temporal technology across all the IBM platforms.  Bala is a graduate of Rice University, Houston, Texas and  IIT Bombay.  He is an alumnus of Bell Labs and the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.