Missed the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference? Best user presentation is here!

Lori Ann Galluzzo

Missed the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference? Best user presentation is here!

One-hour webcast reveals DB2 10 from a customer's perspective.

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DB2 10 Application Topics—A DB2 10 Customer's Experience

This webcast will be kicked off by Jeremy Dodd, the current IDUG<http://app.ok.bulldogsolutions.net/e/er.aspx?s=251&lid=12637&elq=f9265d3048314c17be39427d78b682c6> President. Jeremy will provide an overview of IDUG and then introduce Suresh Sane. Suresh presented one of the best presentations this year at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference 2011 in Anaheim – DB2 10 Application Topics—A DB2 10 Customer's Experience. Suresh has updated his presentation since the May conference and has added even more experiences and best practices. He has also recently shared his experiences at IBM Information On Demand Conference<http://app.ok.bulldogsolutions.net/e/er.aspx?s=251&lid=12638&elq=f9265d3048314c17be39427d78b682c6> in Las Vegas.

Gain valuable insight on the DB2 10 user experience such as:

* How temporal tables can simplify your code
* How hash access can speed up queries against large tables
* How new SQL features can help
* How access path determination is now smarter
* How concurrency can be improved without sacrificing integrity

We are repeating this presentation as a webcast for those of you that missed out. The feedback from customers has been excellent and we wanted to give you all an opportunity to learn directly from a DB2 10 customer and get insight on the top DB2 10 features. This webcast is particularly a must-see for Application Developers and Database Administrators and is filled with rich content, helpful hints and tips.

Join this interactive webcast<http://app.ok.bulldogsolutions.net/e/er.aspx?s=251&lid=12636&elq=f9265d3048314c17be39427d78b682c6> and be among the first to learn how the top DB2 10 features can help your business succeed!

Webcast Details

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11:00 a.m. Eastern / 15:00 GMT

1 Hour

Complimentary Executive Report

All registrants will receive a complimentary copy of our latest executive report, Business Value of DB2 10 – Smarter Database for a Smarter Planet by Julian Stuhler, Triton Consulting.



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