[IDUG NA] - List Digest, Sep 05, 2012

steen rasmussen

[IDUG NA] - List Digest, Sep 05, 2012
Hey Sally - if the submission was successful you always receive an email indicating your abstract was received. I always prepare the abstract, bullet points, bio etc. In a word doc so I can cut'n paste (learned the lesson like you just did)

Steen Rasmussen
CA Technologies

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1. Abstract Submission - (Sally Mir)

1. Abstract Submission (Sally Mir<mailto:[login to unmask email]>)
From: Sally Mir
Subject: Abstract Submission

Good afternoon, all!

I just spent all day tweaking my abstract submission for IDUG NA 2013, and when I hit 'OK', the screen just took me back to a previous page. No message about it being successfully submitted or anything. Has anyone else had this happen? Did it get submitted, or do I have to try to recreate what I spent all day doing? :(

Sally Mir

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