Datapropagator, SQL Replication, z/OS,

Michel Helg

Datapropagator, SQL Replication, z/OS,

We want to upgrade to DPROP V9.1. on z/OS, DB2 is V10 NFM. In the installation library SASNSAMP(ASNCTLZD) a table IBMSNAP_CAPENQ gets created with attribute LOCK_NAME. (we only use SQL Replication)

In the IBM manuals V9.5, V9.7, V10 the same table contains the attribute LOCKNAME (without underscore).

1. What is the correct attribute name in this table ?

2. Why are some created in schema DPR, some in ASN. We are using CAPTURE 9.7.2 (APAR pm88559, ASNRBASE APAR pm88559) which is looking for table IBMSNAP_CAPPARMS in schema ASN (gets a -204) while it got created in DPR.

Any replies appreciated.

Thanks, Michel Helg

AXA-Tech Switzerland


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