Announcing DB2 11 for z/OS & DB2 11 Tools Today ! General Availability 25th Oct

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Announcing DB2 11 for z/OS & DB2 11 Tools Today ! General Availability 25th Oct

IBM Announces DB2 11 for z/OS & DB2 11 Tools !
The Enterprise Database for Business Critical Transactions and Business Analytics

Today, IBM announced the latest release of DB2 for z/OS - DB2 11 !

IBM intends to make DB2 11 generally available on October 25, 2013.


Shrinking budgets, exploding data growth, and dynamic business requirements that require real-time analytics continue to challenge companies everywhere. Effectively delivering scalable solutions with rock-solid security and resiliency makes the demands on IT greater than ever. Building on the formidable capabilities of DB2 10 and the IBM System z platform, DB2 11 for z/OS and DB2 11 Tools are uniquely positioned to help customers meet those challenges head on -- efficiently and cost effectively. Over 50 customers and partners have been testing DB2 11 since February and have seen some incredible results. DB2 Early Support Customers (ESP) customers are taking advantage of the cost savings and speed to market enhancements in DB2 11. SAP has also announced their certification at GA, and GAD has been so impressed with product stability and have moved internal production system to DB2 11.


Here are just a few of the ways that DB2 11 for z/OS delivers industry leading innovation:

Save money, save time, reduce cost
DB2 11 helps your bottom line with out-of-the-box CPU savings for OLTP (On-line transaction processing), batch, and query workloads to help you get the most out of your investment. These savings range up to 40%, depending on the workload. Additional savings and performance improvements may be found by leveraging DB2 features, DB2 Tools and making application changes.

Enhanced continuous availability, scalability, and security for business-critical information
The real-world proven, system-wide resiliency, availability, scalability, and security capabilities of DB2 for z/OS and System z continue to be the gold standard in the industry. DB2 11 delivers even higher availability with various utilities improvements in addition to more online schema change capabilities such as online data repartitioning, which can significantly reduce the need for planned outages. Resiliency is further enhanced with improved backup manageability for even faster recovery.


Sophisticated business analytics
Business analytics is now considered business critical. DB2 11 makes it easier to keep business critical analytics closer to the core operational data—reducing latency, complexity, and costs while improving data quality and governance and driving your business to new heights.
DB2 expands business analytics capabilities by:
· Providing new SQL support, faster query performance, and extended capabilities, including support for Static SQL, with DB2 Analytics Accelerator.
· Integration with SPSS delivers the unique capability of real-time scoring within your existing transaction environment.
· QMF 11 delivers enhanced analysis, forecasting, reporting, and presentation capabilities, as well as improved storage management, to help users at all levels leverage data, find answers, and communicate those decisions.
· up to 5% to 10% CPU reduction with large results returning from DB2 Analytics Accelerator .
· Integration with IBM Hadoop based BigInsights big data platform provides a simple way to integrate traditional applications on DB2 with big data analytics.

Simpler, faster migration for faster ROI
The longer it takes to migrate to a new version, the longer it takes to get your return on investment and provide value to your business. Catalog migration from DB2 10 NFM to DB2 11 NFM is up to 16 times faster. Application protection from incompatible SQL and XML changes lets upgrades proceed without making changes to handle any incompatible SQL or XML changes.


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