SAP connection corrupts compressed database db2 9.7

paul pena

SAP connection corrupts compressed database db2 9.7

hi, i am a mexican db2 dba,  and we are having a major issue,  we have a db2 9.7 fp 6, aix 7.1,  all tables compressed  both values and rows, gaining about 75 % of free space,  but when  SAP  connects  for runing db6conv, dbm crashes, and database becomes corrupted,  the way we compressed the database , alter tables  add compress clause,  offline reorgs  first to LOB tables  , after  the rest of the tables ,   and finishing  with runstats,   db looks fine,  and have no problem  , normal clients  can connect,   but when SAP connects  dbm crashes. 


any ideas?



Ken Warren

RE: SAP connection corrupts compressed database db2 9.7
(in response to paul pena)

Sorry to sound like the vendor but ... are you running the latest db6conv? ( which is v6.11 I believe ). 
It's a great utility but there are many issues which is why SAP always recommend keeping it at the latest version. 
You say the database is corrupted, do you mean the whole database or just the table?

Have you tried using the admin_move_table procedure instead?
If that also crashes the database then you know it is something specific to DB2 rather than a problem caused by db6conv. Finally, software levels: I would look at the level of the 'dbsl' in the SAP kernel and also the db2 client level.