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Adrian Collett

Fwd: [DB2-L] - [AD] DB2 z/OS Webinar from SEGUS & SEG - Access Path DB2GO
Buongiorno a tutti!

Ecco un invito per un Webinar molto interessante sulle problematiche di Access Plan Management e soprattutto le implicazioni sul SQL Dinamico.

Buon DB2 a tutti!


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Hi all! It’s that time of year again when hay fever sufferers the world over start having a bad time of it and Roy does his Spring webinar! This time I wish to present a brand new “pocket tool” to you all called RUNSTATS Rescue that could really help you out in a sticky situation. You know the one – An important SQL access path has gone pear shaped, aka Belly up, the boss is breathing down your neck and telephones are ringing off their cradles - Everyone wants a fix and right now! With RUNSTATS Rescue you can reset your production DB2 Catalog optimizer relevant statistics to quickly, and cost-effectively, rescue your prior good access path and all for pocket money prices. Join me to see what this marvellous little tool can do for your Dynamic SQL, Static SQL and even a pretty little front end for Plan Management is thrown in!When? Thursday 3rd April at 1 p.m. EDST or 19:00 CESTSimply click here to see more details and register www.segus.com/apdb2go There is, as always, a ton of info in here especially if you are not yet “aware” of Plan Management and all its little foibles plus a live demonstration and Q&A session is also included free of charge! I hope to see you all there! Roy Boxwell
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