DB2 High Performance Unload

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DB2 High Performance Unload
Hi folks,

Got this from a colleague and hadn't seen any mention of it on DB2-L so I
thought I'd put it out here for anyone who's interested...


DB2 High Performance Unload, product number 5697-F44,
was announced for general availability October 22, 1999.
DB2 High Performance Unload delivers the unload functions
needed by DB2 installations with outstanding elapsed times
and with very low CPU consumption.
o Unloads from both active tablespaces and image copies with
outstanding performance.
o Provides key functions to assist in the management and
control of unload activity.

Large sequential reads of DB2 tables take long periods of time.
They make the required large scans that support unload functions
difficult to schedule in the ever shrinking batch windows of DB2
installations. Performance becomes critical when several unloads
read the same tablespace concurrently. The associated DB2 buffer
pool management can cause multiple programs to compete for the same
data producing:
o Conflicts in the use of the DB2 buffer pool
o Writing over buffers that may be serving several unloads
o Multiple reads of the same DB2 pages
o Potential channel conflicts

DB2 High Performance Unload provides the solution to these
issues with respect to unload functions by providing a means of
sequentially reading and sharing a DB2 at lightning speed! It scans
a tablespace and creates as many output files in the format desired
based upon the selection criteria specified by the user.

The output format can be:
o DSNTIAUL compatible
o VARIABLE -- quickly create standard variable length records
o DELIMITED -- quickly create a delimited file that may be exported
to another platform
o USER -- support format specification of virtually any type of
conversion, so output may appear exactly as desired

As many select statements can be coded as needed for any tables
belonging to the same tablespace. Different output files can be
created during the same unload process at almost no additional cost.
For example, a user may want to unload the list of the customers
having payments due and birthdays occurring in the next week.

The list can be created in a single DB2 High Performance
Unload execution at a fraction of the cost of the dual executions
required by traditional unload products. This high level of
performance is achieved while producing multiple outputs by executing
processes in parallel against a single read of the tablespace.

DB2 High Performance Unload can be run against image copies.
This avoids interference with DB2 production databases.

DB2 High Performance Unload has been demonstrated to peform up
to ten faster than DSNTIAUL! This DB2 High Performance Unload
measurement was achieved in a controlled test environment using
approximately 500,000 rows of DB2 data from a variety of test

The product will run on any system with DB2 for OS/390 Version 3,
or later version installed.


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