Db2 11.1.2 for Windows auditing diffifulties

Daniel Luksetich

Db2 11.1.2 for Windows auditing diffifulties
I recently moved a Db2 server 9.7.9 on AIX to DB2 11.1.2 for Windows,
and am having some difficulty with the audit facility.

first problem:
I call sysproc.audit_archive to archive the audit log. The audit log is
successfully moved to the target archive directory, but remains in the
audit log directory. So, instead of getting a set of audit records for
each day I archive the audit log I am getting an accumulation of all
records since I began auditing. This was not the behavior under Db2
9.7.9 under AIX as the current audit log then was deleted. I'm guessing
it's a security thing but the db2 authid is in the admin group.

second problem:
I am using db2audit to produce a report. It is only writing out the
first record recorded in the audit log. There are three records in it.

I'll be experimenting to try to figure out what's wrong but if anyone
has insight that would be great!