[AD] [Db2 for z/OS V12] DSNU3350I

Phil Grainger

[AD] [Db2 for z/OS V12] DSNU3350I
It’s Friday, so I couldn’t less this pass by without mentioning that a reorg that doesn’t require an external sort wouldn’t have had this problem in the first place ☺

Happy Friday everyone


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Subject: [DB2-L] - [Db2 for z/OS V12] DSNU3350I

Hi folks,

I do have a problem understanding the DSNU3350Imessage.

The particular part of the message message I’m referring to runs as follows:


If I look at the quick reference my understanding is that almost 9 million rows were sorted whereas the load expected to sort about half the amount.
This expectation is apparently based on RTS.

But … RTS for this particular table shows 8835K rows, so someone is not giving me the right picture.

The reason for asking is that one load job abended because of a miscalculation of the necessary sortworks, the trouble is I don’t have the output handy anymore, but I still remember it was due to some sort-space problem. The abend may or may not have been related to that miscalculation, but while investigating the matter I stumbled about the discrepancy of figures in that message.

What am I reading wrong? Is it my misinterpreting the message? Any help is appreciated.

Have a great weekend

Best regards


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