Grant Privileges (Controlling SYSADM)

Philip Sevetson

Grant Privileges (Controlling SYSADM)
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That has been my experience where I have worked, yes. The list of people who have the SYSADM authorization must be extremely restricted, both by amount of experience – it’s not something you want to give to someone if they aren’t very experienced with the DBMS – and by duties.

Where I’ve worked, the practice has been to:

· Create RACF Groups/ACF2 Secondary AuthIDs with departmental/duty-related names, and

· Assign the SEL/INS/UPD/DEL privileges to those; then,

· A security administrator can use the security tool to connect individuals to those groups/authIDs based on work needs, and not actually have DB2 privileges. (Most security administrators don’t understand DB2, again in my experience.)

· DBAs do the GRANT privileges to new table for those groups, and new GRANTs to existing tables

· A Production Implementation / Configuration Management person/team does the static BINDs, and has all necessary table SEL/INS/UPD/DEL privileges to accomplish that. This person may be, but usually is not, a DBA.

Individuals doing analytic work need additional ability to save data:

· CREATE TABLE privileges are given out to individuals, within a personal database/tablespace, for people who need to do operations like SAVE DATA (QMF).

· DASD Monitor - Someone has to monitor space used by those databases, and raise flags for data which is kept a long time or takes a lot of space.

· RLF - The Resource Limitation Facility should be set to stringently limit the size of any units of work (queries or writes) which analysts do in production. Otherwise, a badly written query in an OLTP or HTAP environment can drastically slow production and/or hold locks which prevent production work. In a serious enough case, a badly performing update can paralyze production.

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According to your clarification i can understand that most shops that applies separation of duty , they limit SYSADM authority to one or two authid and also still SYSADM can Grant privileges

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