St. Loius DB2 Users Group Meeting; Sept 12

Tom Glaser

St. Loius DB2 Users Group Meeting; Sept 12

Hello St. Louis Db2 Users Group members,

We have an exciting lineup of topics and discussions for our September member.  Let’s start with z/OS:

Db2 z/OS:

Paul Bartak, who now works for Rocket Software, will present on the topics of System provisioning, DevOps, Continuous Delivery & Integration.  Each of these initiatives may require a copy of the subsystem data.  Many tools today can clone objects and their data to scale your admin teams.  Come learn what Paul has been working on.

Another frequent guest speaker to our user group is Ulf Heinrich, Segus Software.  There will be no new Db2 version after 12, but continuous code drops.  This will have a tremendous impact on migration strategies, because we have to find a reliable way to test these code deliveries in a fraction of time.  Ulf is going to address four different levels of testing and a new way of automation. 

Are you familiar with IDAA (IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator)?  If not, you should be.  Gary Crupi of IBM is in charge of the IDAA Users Group.  He’ll discuss what is IDAA, new features and the future direction.  In the past, many people did not look at IDAA because of the 1 min latency.  Come listen to Gary talk about 0 latency.

Db2 LUW:

Security is a big topic and we’re going to provide all the details you need about Db2. Ian Bjorhovde of IBM will present 2 topics; Db2 Data Security: Controlling Access and Catching Bad Guys and Top 10 Common Mistakes.   Come listen to Ian talk about the 4 keys that you must consider:  Encryption of Data at Rest, Encryption of Data in Transit, Access Control and Auditing.  And if you are new to Db2 LUW, the Top 10 Common Mistakes will be of real value.

Roger Sanders of IBM will talk about Db2 Security and Compliance.  Rover’s presentation will show you the various security mechanisms that are available with Db2 and how they can be used.

Date: Sept. 12th, 2017

Time: 08:00am to 12:40pm

Location:   Express Scripts

                  1 Express Way

                  HQ2 Building

                  St. Louis, MO 63121

For details, see the STLDUG 9/12/2017 Agenda/Bios & Information @:


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