Reminder - Wednesday's Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Meeting

Kim May

Reminder - Wednesday's Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Meeting
A reminder to those of you in the Mid-Atlantic this week. The quarterly
meeting of the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group will be this Wednesday,
September 13th, from 9-3:30 (registration is at 8:30am). If you are
interested in joining us please register at . Hope to see you Wednesday!

DB2 12 Continuous Delivery - New challenges for deployment - Ulf Heinrich,

Starting with version 12, DB2 goes agile and code fixes, as well as new
features and functions will be delivered in a continuous stream, so called
Continuous Delivery. While this change intends to make new technology
available faster than in a three-year cycle it'll also affects the way we
did DB2 migration and testing before. This presentation provides an overview
about DB2 Levels and how they affect the DB2 subsystem, the
Catalog/Directory, SQL and DDL. More importantly, I'll show how changes can
be applied safely and what levels of quality assurance and testing can be
passed to assure Continuous Delivery goes well with Continuous Availability.

Compliance with compliments! Viable DB2 z/OS workload tracking - Ulf
Heinrich, SEGUS

Audit and compliance is a need that many companies want and have to fulfill.
There are different ways and tools that promise to be able to do it, but
what can they really do and what are the associated costs? This presentation
introduces DB2 10/11 technology exploitation that delivers any DML, DDL, DCL

executed in a DB2 environment along with identification details. Learn how
you can run Audit analytics against a long-term repository, pinpointing who
executed a query, when and from where. Analyze your entire workload to
understand access patterns and abnormalities.

DB2 for z/OS is in The Cloud! Using z/OSMF to Install, Migrate, and
Provision DB2 - John Iczkovits, IBM

These are exciting times and you may not realize it, but DB2 for z/OS is in
the cloud! You may be thinking, what exactly does that mean? Many of your
z/OS colleagues are already using z/OSMF for all sorts of functions. Come
learn how to use z/OSMF to manage DB2 software, install, migrate, and
provision data for DB2 and what the cloud means to us.

QMF Analytics for Multiplatforms - Frank Fillmore, The Fillmore Group

In July, QMF Analytics for Multiplatforms became generally available. Like
QMF for z/OS, this solution delivers QMF's visualization, dash boarding and
graphical ad-hoc query capabilities, and enables users to leverage their
existing QMF assets - queries, forms, procs from legacy QMF. In this
session Frank will provide an overview of the features of QMF Analytics for
Multiplatforms and perform a demonstration that includes new updates to
QMF's data visualization interface.

Kim May, Vice President, Business Development

IBM Champion 2009 - 2017

The Fillmore Group, Inc.

(410) 465-6335 office

(443) 956-0288 mobile

The Fillmore Group has provided technical services to clients worldwide
since 1987. Led by DB2 Gold Consultant Frank Fillmore, TFG sells IBM
software, delivers expert technical services and IBM Authorized Training.


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