Z/OS DB2 Old Unload Data Question

Tony Moore

Z/OS DB2 Old Unload Data Question
Hi Listers,
I'm attempting to reformat some older DB2 unloads from 1996. I believe I
remember I was on DB2 V4 at the time.

I have a table with a column defined as DEC(11,0). The old unload has the
data for this column stored as packed decimal, but has the sign in the
leading "nibble". For example, for a column value of 1, the unload
contains "F00000000001". I'm trying to read the unload data via a COBOL
program, and have tried defining the field as PIC S9(11) USAGE COMP-3, but
as "packed decimal" is defined as having the sign in the last nibble of
the field, this isn't working.

I know this is really a COBOL type question, but could anyone offer any
suggestions on how to access this type field data via cobol?

Tony Moore
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