[AD] BMC Software at IDUG EMEA Lisbon

Phil Grainger

[AD] BMC Software at IDUG EMEA Lisbon


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Join http://app.online.bmc.com/e/er?s=1251203807&lid=2136&elqTrackId=c5347df60fa74c5a997d243d4c023004&elq=2eadd4ffca07402188f9e404ebe3778f&elqaid=3915&elqat=1 BMC in Portugal for IDUG http://app.online.bmc.com/e/er?s=1251203807&lid=2135&elqTrackId=f444081906934f8db38bc4ff6f42eda3&elq=2eadd4ffca07402188f9e404ebe3778f&elqaid=3915&elqat=1 EMEA 2017

October 1-5, 2017
EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel - Congress Hotel

JOIN US > http://app.online.bmc.com/e/er?s=1251203807&lid=2136

The colorful Moorish tiles, the friendly people, the warm weather, the seaside, and last but not least, the egg custard tarts await your visit to Portugal. BMC is thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor of IDUG Lisbon http://www.idug.org/emea2017 and invites you to join us at the premier European Db2 Conference.

Stop by our booth to talk with product experts, view live demos and see how our Db2 http://app.online.bmc.com/e/er?s=1251203807&lid=1155&elqTrackId=a37f5dc7a06a445ba67981001fcdcbb8&elq=2eadd4ffca07402188f9e404ebe3778f&elqaid=3915&elqat=1 solutions help you to save money, increase availability & performance by optimizing your applications and provide you with a better user experience.

Our experts are leading 6 technical sessions including a session on GDPR – the hot topic on everyone’s minds. How will the new regulation affect your business and how can BMC help? Another highlight will surely be Ásgeir Guðbjartsson, Db2 DBA at Valitor Iceland showing how Valitor reorgs more data more often in less time with fewer outages. A miracle you say? Not so. Make sure to plan your agenda around these hot topics.

Wrapping up the week, Jonathan Adams, Vice President and General Manager of BMC ZSolutions will deliver the IDUGs closing keynote.

Peak performance, perfect delivery, and big savings are the core of BMC’s mainframe solutions. We can’t wait to tell you more about how BMC can become your trusted partner.

IDUG EMEA 2017 http://app.online.bmc.com/e/er?s=1251203807&lid=2135&elqTrackId=7509ef306c2643179443a21f290f9a4e&elq=2eadd4ffca07402188f9e404ebe3778f&elqaid=3915&elqat=1
October 1-5, 2017 | 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel - Congress Hotel

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