IDUG EMEA - Direct streaming !!!

Isaac Yassin

IDUG EMEA - Direct streaming !!!
*Join Live Stream of Db2 Tech Conference in Lisbon, Portugal!*

Unable to attend the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Lisbon, Portugal this
year? You can still experience featured session and Db2 Panels taking place
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- *When*: October 4, 2017
- *Time*: Beings 11:00 AM WET ( GMT + 1hrs)
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*Session: IBM BLU for Spark an Event store for the next generation of

*Presenter: *Namik Hrle -IBM Fellow
*Abstract:* This presentation provides a deep dive into he next generation
of IBM data store for handling real time event applications from IoT to new
Event Sourcing applications. The Store is built on the Open source Spark
platform and Object storage and can ingest Millions of transactions per
second and provide Highspeed analytics on transactional data in real time.
Perfect for Event sourcing applications than need the velocity and volume
of data this platform can handle and for Structured Data Lake applications
such as Internet of things.

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