Db2 LUW 11.1.2 audit logging

Daniel Luksetich

Db2 LUW 11.1.2 audit logging

I am auditing several tables on Db2 11.1.2 and have an issue with the audit
log. It seems that the audit log is accumulating information about events
continuously. In other words, audit_buf_size is 0 and yet whenever there is
some activity that generates audit information it produces ALL audit
information from when the instance was started. I archive the audit log on a
daily basis and yet every time some happens that is audited I get the entire
history in my audit log. Just to be perfectly clear, the audit log doesn't
exist, then an audited event happens, then I get an audit lob but the log
has all the events since the instance was started. So, my audit reports get
accumulated audit information every day until I cycle the instance. I almost
never cycle the instance. Any advice?



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