How to Create a Post Requesting Help, for maximum helpful responses

Philip Sevetson

How to Create a Post Requesting Help, for maximum helpful responses

This revised post, made on Friday 2017-10-06 at 0941EDT, is an excerpt from a reply post by IDUG member Lizette Koehler on 2017-10-05. (s) Phil Sevetson

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(in response to JITINDER CHOUDHARY)
So the best thing to do when posting is to let the list know what you have looked at first, then post with enough details to help the list know what is going on. Since you can see all the answers to the questions that will probably be asked, providing as much detail in the initial posting will help reduce the questions and potentially wrong information.

1. A List is not a help desk.
2. When posting, the more details the better the response and possibly the answer
3. Is this the first time the job ran?
4. Has this job run successfully before? If so, what changed besides the DB2 V11 upgrade to CM.

a. Extra data?
b. Program change?
c. Operating system changes?
d. Are there other jobs like this also failing or just this one?

5. When posting, show some research has been done. If all you post is an error code without context, you will either get no responses or very few
6. Before posting search the internet. You favorite web browser may surprise you on what it can find
7. It also helps to know your level of experience with DB2. The way the responses are given could be related to believing expert vs novice. Or DBA vs. Application programmer
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