DB2 Crash Recovery failed

Nageswara Pedas

DB2 Crash Recovery failed


Our Db2 transaction log was getting full and some of the transaction logs are  zipped, This made DB2 to create new logs with the same name and DB2 restarted as part of maintenance and it is not coming up. I see these messages in the  diag log file.

I want to recover the database to a point before zipping the  transaction logs Can someone help me if there is a way to recover db to point before zipping the logs. This is a 6 node multi partition environment. Thanks in advance.

2017-11-07- Instance:db2inst Node:000
PID:1274064(db2agent (Database name) 0) TID:4371 Appid:*N0.db2inst.171107151047
base sys utilities sqeLocalDatabase::MarkDBBad Probe:10 Database:dbname
ADM14001C An unexpected and critical error has occurred: "DBMarkedBad". The
instance may have been shutdown as a result. "Automatic" FODC (First Occurrence
Data Capture) has been invoked and diagnostic information has been recorded in
/". Please look in this directory for detailed evidence about what happened and
contact IBM support if necessary to diagnose the problem.

2017-11-07- Instance:db2inst Node:000
PID:1274064(db2agent (Dbname) 0) TID:4371 Appid:*N0.db2inst.171107151047
base sys utilities sqeLocalDatabase::MarkDBBad Probe:10 Database:Dbname

ADM7518C "dbname" marked bad.

Since this a multi terabyte database I want to avoid restore of the database. Any help is appreciated.




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Avram Friedman

RE: DB2 Crash Recovery failed
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I Support DB2 on z/OS so I am not an expert on your flavor of DB2.

Recovery in general is done by restoring the backup copy and applying the logs.

The restore can not be avoided.

The stratagy for recovery preparition is to copy more often that the time it takes log to become unavailable. This can be done by
Adjusting the space and number of available logs
Adjusting the image copy frequency and type (reference vs change)
Copying before any major event

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