*LAST CALL!* December 13th Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group Meeting - Please Join Us!

Kim May

*LAST CALL!* December 13th Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group Meeting - Please Join Us!
The Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group will be hosting our final meeting
of 2017 next week at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, Maryland, hosted by
Imperva. This will be our last meeting at the Sheraton as our board has
agreed to move our quarterly meeting location to the beautiful and more
convenient BWI Hilton, starting with our March, 2018 education session
(featuring Themis!)

If you are a Db2 user in the Mid-Atlantic region I encourage you to join us.
We will start the meeting with an introduction to the new location,
information on the March education session, and the plan to extend our
outreach and meeting communication in 2018. We want to make sure every Db2
user in the region is aware of our meetings and other Db2-related events.

I hope to see you next Wednesday in Columbia!

Kim May

Chairman, Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group


Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

(registration at 8:30)


e=&ratePlanName=&roomOccupancyTotal=1> Sheraton Columbia Hotel

10207 Wincopin Circle

Columbia, MD 21044

(410) 730-3900

Meeting Fees:

Pre-registered members: $30

Pre-registered non-members: $40

At-the-door for members: $40

At-the-door for non-members: $50

http://www.bwdb2ug.org/db2zos.htm Register HERE

Meeting Schedule:


8:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 10:15

The Functional and Operational Considerations for Database Activity
Monitoring vs Database Performance Monitoring on Db2 for z/OS

Michael Figaro


Starting with version 12, Db2 goes agile and code fixes, as well as new
features and functions will be delivered in a continuous stream, so called
Continuous Delivery. While this change intends to make new technology
available faster than in a three-year cycle it'll also affects the way we
did Db2 migration and testing before. This presentation provides an overview
about Db2 Levels and how they affect the Db2 subsystem, the
Catalog/Directory, SQL and DDL. More importantly, I'll show how changes can
be applied safely and what levels of quality assurance and testing can be
passed to assure Continuous Delivery goes well with Continuous Availability.

10:30 - 11:45

Data Masking Overview

Mike Spearns


Data masking is a must-have addition to your defense in depth security
strategy. Most organizations replicate production data to support
development, testing, training and other activities, which significantly
increases data breach risk. Data masking is a technology that removes
sensitive data from those production copies enabling use of copy data
without the associated risk. This introduction will touch on common topics,
techniques and capabilities for enterprise data masking.


11:45 - 12:45 Lunch

12:45 - 2:00

Mine your DB2 Performance Warehouse for Gold

Robert Andresen


Use data analytics tools to examine metrics in your Db2 Performance
Warehouse looking for hidden trends and festering problems. We will cover
features in Excel, R and Python to help you understand what your data is
telling you. Don't be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all the data. Tame
it with these tools and gain the performance insights you need.


2:00 - 2:15 Break

2:15 - 3:30

Db2 for z/OS Provisioning - Heavy Lifting Ahead

Paul Bartak

Rocket Software

System provisioning, DevOps, Continuous Delivery / Integration are all
modern-day initiatives that accelerate the delivery of business
applications. Each may have requirement for a copy of an entire DB2
subsystem or portions thereof to obtain full value. How do you scale your
database administration staff to meet the increasing demands of application
& BizOps teams, who are, in turn, pressured to meet agile delivery targets?

Today's tools have the capabilities to clone objects and data to efficiently
scale your administration teams. In some cases, these tools can use today's
fast copy technology in conjunction with DB2 page set preparation techniques
to provide consistent & coherent test or production subsets. The key to
fitting in to modern processing is support for REST. The next time you are
asked if you can fulfill the data requirements for one of today's delivery
methods, be armed with ideas to get it done.


Michael Figaro is a Security Engineer for Imperva who specializes in
database activity monitoring for z/OS. Michael has worked in z/OS and its
predecessor OSs since 1978. This has included experience as an application
programmer, DBA (IMS and DB2) and sysprog (z/OS, CICS and DB2). In 1985,
Michael installed one of the first 61 GA installations of DB2 for z/OS and
has concentrated mostly in DB2 for z/OS ever since.

Mike Spearns has 25 years of professional information technology experience,
including several years of team leadership and mentoring in the data masking
sector. He has significant field expertise with Imperva Camouflage, and is
listed as co-inventor on one of the company's patents related to data
masking. As a Senior Technical Specialist, Mike is responsible for working
with customers to implement Imperva Camouflage solutions utilizing
established best practice methodology as a blueprint for success. In
addition, Mike has over 15 years of data management experience working at
the senior level in the telecommunications industry. He also holds a degree
in Computer Science, with a minor in Business Administration.

Robert Andresen is a Principal Consultant with CA Technologies. He has been
working in performance management and monitoring for several software
companies since 1997 and has been supporting mainframe systems since 1976 in
various capacities including being a zOS/CICS/Db2 Systems Programmer. He is
a co-author of the IBM Redbook: Linux on IBM @server zSeries and S/390:
System Management. He has presented at IDUG, CMG, SHARE, the IBM zOS
Conference and LinuxWorld as well as many local and regional user groups. He
holds a degree in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He
is certified as an IBM Certified Database Administrator, DB2 10 and 11 for
z/OS, an IBM Certified SOA Associate and also is ITIL Foundation Certified.
At CA he has been supporting their suite of Db2 for z/OS. His areas of
expertise include z/OS, Db2, CICS, UNIX/Linux, Windows, and R.

Paul Bartak has been working with IBM Information Management solutions since
1985, including the first version of DB2 on MVS. As an IBM customer for 14
years Paul worked in Application Development, Database Administration, and
DBA Management - working with IBM & ISV Labs on various projects. With IBM
for 18 years his roles included that of a DB2 Advisor, developing the V8 -
V11 Migration Planning Workshops, pureXML and Temporal Proof of
Technologies; and a Client Technical Leader, working across a large payments
processing company and the IBM account team. Paul holds multiple
certifications across Information Management and Cloud domains and recently
joined Rocket Software as a Principle Solutions Adviser.

Kim May, Vice President, Business Development

IBM Champion 2009 - 2017

The Fillmore Group, Inc.

(410) 465-6335 office

(443) 956-0288 mobile

http://www.thefillmoregroup.com www.thefillmoregroup.com

The Fillmore Group has provided technical services to clients worldwide
since 1987. Led by DB2 Gold Consultant Frank Fillmore, TFG sells IBM
software, delivers expert technical services and IBM Authorized Training.


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