{AD} We want "INDEXDEFER" keyword in REORG Utility

Phil Grainger

{AD} We want "INDEXDEFER" keyword in REORG Utility
Firstly, Happy 2018 to everyone on the list

Secondly I added [AD] to the subject as what Venkata is describing sounds very much (to me) like forcing unnatural actions to make an unsuitable tool do the job (anyone ever used the handle of a screwdriver as a hammer? It works some of the time but is hardly the right tool for the job)

A better solution to this problem is to use a reorg utility that was designed to handle these large tables from the outset

Not only is it almost certain that BMCs NGT Reorg will comfortably handle whatever Venkata throws at it, there won’t be any application outages either

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From: venkata rama rajesh mallina [mailto:[login to unmask email]
Sent: 04 January 2018 06:29
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Subject: [DB2-L] - We want "INDEXDEFER" keyword in REORG Utility

Hi Team

We had experienced some space issues while performing LOAD and REORG with extremely large data. In such cases we followed the below process

1. Drop the indexes

2. Perform the LOAD/REORG

3. Re-create the indexes with DEFER YES option

4. Rebuild the indexes

But it is good see that INDEXDEFER option in LOAD. With this option we can avoid index building in LOAD utility. After the LOAD we can perform rebuild indexes. With this option we can also avoid building NPI's again and again if we are performing PART level LOAD's.

Now my question is why can't we have INDEXDEFER option in REORG. Theoretically specking it was not required since we always prefer online REORG. If indexes are rebuild pending after the REORG, then it may cause outage. But practically speaking we need this option to reduce outage while handling REORG on extremely large PBG data where we are facing space issues. I mean in such case of problem scenario's we can follow the below process

1. Perform reorg with INDEXDEFER

2. Rebuild the indexes

Such that we can avoid the DROP and create of indexes.

Venkata Rama Rajesh

DB2 DBA for Z/OS

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