One on one time with Terry Purcell during live webcast with Q&A

Surekha Parekh

One on one time with Terry Purcell during live webcast with Q&A

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This webcast will be presented by Terry Purcell - IBM Db2 for z/OS and there will be a live Q&A session with Terry so please have your questions ready to ask!

STSM and IBM Master Inventor . Terry will be presenting the latest news and updates from the Db2 Optimizer in Db2 12.

This is an chance to grow your skills and ask Terry Purcell any questions you have during the live Q&A session after the webcast

The performance focus from DB2 10 and 11 for z/OS has resonated very well with customers, and DB2 12 for z/OS takes this further to deliver significant performance improvements to new query workload patterns, and for improved scalability of your existing applications. This session will highlight the UNION ALL and outer join performance improvements, sort optimizations, improved predicate indexability and tighter integration of the Optimizer and RUNSTATS. And you will learn how these and other enhancements can enable improved exploitation of other DB2 features such as temporal or archive transparency, and allow analytics and other processing on real-time data with minimal impact to your operational systems.

Surekha Parekh (LinkedIn)
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