Unload Utility Parallelism (Z/OS)

Robert Hall

Unload Utility Parallelism (Z/OS)

I am trying to use the unload utility with the parallel parameter to unload
a UTS PBR tablespace (TS1) with 200 partitions with tables that contain LOB
objects. The utility reports that 6 parallel tasks will be executed,
however, the job log shows that the job is only executing 1 unload and all
data is being placed into a single dataset. I expected the job to unload
the partitions in parallel and to create a different output dataset for each

I tested using a different, similar tablespace (TS2) that does not contain
LOB objects, and only used the tablespace keyword, and it worked as
described, in parallel and created 1 dataset per partition. I must use the
table option for the table in TS1, as I have to unload the columns in a
specific order to specify the LOB objects as the last columns to unload;
otherwise, I get an error message about space problems in the output files
(this requirement to have LOBs listed last in the unload table statement is
in the manuals).

Am I missing something or is it just not possible to have parallel
processing when using the table option?