venkata rama rajesh mallina


--> I performed DSN1COPY on tablespace and I took VSAM backup

--> Then I performed INSERT

--> Dropped the VSAM of tablespace

--> Re-craeted and restored using VSAM backup and started tablespace, verified data

--> Then I run RECOVER LOGONLY and I suspected that one more record will restore which insert after DSN1COPY. But not happened


Could someone say why so

Venkata Rama Rajesh

Michael Hannan

(in response to venkata rama rajesh mallina)


You don't say what happened when RECOVERED LOG ONLY. The manual says LOG ONLY is usable if table is already restored to a point of consistency. Maybe you need to establish a point of consistency before taking your backups. e.g. Quiesce the tablespace.

The object space is supposed to record the point from which the LOG ONLY recover will commence. So would seem recover ought to recover your Inserted record plus any other updates that occurred previously since the last point of recovery stored in the object, based on what the manual says. Can't say I understand all underlying complexities of it however, so I am guessing.

Michael Hannan,
DB2 Application Performance Specialist
CPT Global Ltd