[AD] New QMF beta adds zIIP support to QMF TSO and Batch

Blanca Borden

[AD] New QMF beta adds zIIP support to QMF TSO and Batch

Join the hosted QMF for z/OS Beta program, featuring:

Cost savings for QMF TSO and Batch users

Enhanced visualization features in QMF Vision


Explore innovations in QMF with no infrastructure investment and no installation.  With the hosted beta program you can easily experience the following:


  • Cost Savings
    QMF queries from any QMF client will be zIIP eligible with the new common QMF Server, including TSO and batch queries.

  • Improved cross-QMF client interoperability
    All QMF objects are accessible from any QMF client, regardless of which client created the object

  • New QMF Z Client for TSO users.
    Significant usability and productivity features have been added to give TSO users a more modern look and feel. Multiple queries can be opened, with seamless toggle between them, and a new QMF Home Panel.

  • Enhanced visualization features
    The QMF Vision client delivers better KPIs plus other enhancements making Self-Service BI and collaborative analytics even more powerful and easier to use.           

How to participate:
Clients with an existing IBM Z Client Feedback Program license in place can respond to this call for Beta participation to [login to unmask email] with their contact information, including e-mail address and an instance will be provisioned for them to get started. Those without a contract in place, can accept the terms at IBM’s Z Client Feedback Program website.


  • Invite for QMF Betaworks Trial .pdf (238.5k)