IFCID Reporting [AD]

Roy Boxwell

IFCID Reporting [AD]
For exactly those two we have a freeware "monitor" - come to our web site and peruse!
The IFCIDs are normally read using HLASM but you can even use REXX to access most of them. Google is your friend here.

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Subject: [DB2-L] - IFCID Reporting

Hi all,

We've had DB2 for z/OS for a few years now and I've seen several articles about IFCIDs. It sounds like IFCIDs provide a lot of useful information. Most of the articles I have found though, talk about the information that an IFCID provides but often don't explain how to report on the information.

As an example, I'd like to look at the information provided by IFCID's 366 and 376. Which tool(s) are good for viewing the information provided by an IFCID?

Mike Martin
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