NEDb2UG March 29th 2018 Meeting

Earl Dugan

NEDb2UG March 29th 2018 Meeting

NEDb2UG March 29th 2018 Meeting


1 Old Sturbridge Village Road

Sturbridge, MA  01655

800 733 1830



The next meeting of the New England DB2 User's Group will occur on 

Thursday March 29, 2018.

We will meet at Old Sturbridge Village, Fuller Conference Center.  We have an excellent lineup of speakers, timely presentations and some very important announcements.    Directions:

Whether you're a developer, a dba, a performance analyst, or a system programmer, this meeting has a lot for everyone who cares about performance.

Sponsored By: Syncsort

Theme: Performance & Capacity

Registration will be $20 again. The third man in rule is in effect. The third person from a customer company who attends gets in free. It's up to you to figure out who gets the third man in penalty. Sorry, this discount is not available for vendors.

Please register by March 23rd to help us and the facility plan better.



09:00  Opening Remarks

09:15  Unleash the Power of Your Data with Database Replication and Transformation

10:30  Break

10:45  From Virtually Constrained to Really Overcommitted

12:00  Lunch

01:00  Capacity Planning and Management, Multi-Platform Approach

02:15  Break

02:30  Lessons Learned from 360 Studies

03:45  Wrap Up

Here are the highlights:


·         Unleash the Power of Your Data with Database Replication and Transformation - John Gay - Technical Specialist and Solution Architect, IBM Power – Syncsort
Are you ready to unleash the power of your data by making it available wherever it's needed in real time? Whether you need to eliminate database silos, offload data from production databases for reporting and analytics, consolidate data into data warehouses, or re-platform databases for increased efficiency, this session is for you. We will look at how MIMIX Share addresses the challenges of sharing data between databases in real time. A live demonstration of MIMIX Share will be provided, showing the power of this innovative database replication and transformation solution.


·         From Virtually Constrained to Really Overcommitted - Adrian Burke – IBM
With the 31-bit virtual storage relief of DB2 and other z/OS middleware customers no longer need to rely on the old ‘diet plan’. However the answer is not to simply open the gates for more threads/connections to come in. Real storage usage and conservation becomes the next major bottleneck. Things like persistent thread, long running units of work, and parallelism can exacerbate the real storage usage. Understanding what to look for, and what functionality can affect your stance on real storage is key to staying ahead of the game. We will look at DB2, z/OS, and Sort product parameter settings, as well as general best practices to keep your systems running safely.


·         Capacity Planning and Management, Multi-Platform Approach - Dale Feiste - Consultant, Capacity Planning and Management – Syncsort
The mainframe has traditionally adhered to its own set of procedures, processes, and reporting, as it was a mature discipline within an organization.  That has often led to a silo mentality; in many cases, new technologies were not considered in its purview.  These new technologies include Cloud, Hyper-Convergence computing, and Big Data.  Capacity management for the mainframe, to be successful, needs to stretch out its arms and embrace these new platforms:  they are integral to the success of the enterprise.  The disciplines developed for the mainframe can be used to assist in the maturing of these other areas if everyone comes at it with an open mind.  The skillsets needed by Capacity Managers these days must broaden as there are few individuals to perform that function.  The landscape is continually evolving within the enterprise and we need to embrace and contribute to all areas, and not focus on just our discipline


·         Lessons Learned from 360 Studies - Adrian Burke – IBM
During many trips domestically and abroad the DB2 SWAT team notices patterns in the issues experienced by our customers. Trends in technology and newer releases of DB2 can lead customers into situations that would not have appeared just a few years prior. Currently topics such as real storage control, online release migration, zIIP capacity, preventative service, distributed access, and mass data recovery have garnered the attention of our team, and warrant a further discussion.


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Please help us keep our costs down by pre-registering. To pre-register please go to our web site to sign up for the meeting.

Payment is at the door, either in cash or check. We very much prefer cash especially at $20. 





Earl W. Dugan




Where? 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road
              Sturbridge, MA 01566
             (800) 733-1830

When? Thursday, March 29th 2018.

Pre-register: Please pre-register on our web site by March 23rd.



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