Posting Rules

Philip Sevetson

Posting Rules

Here are the rules regarding expected conduct and content from DB2-L posts and posters:

1) Treat everyone professionally

2) Do not wander to far from the basic subject (more or less)

3) Identify posts that are 'Ads'. Use [AD]. Have some doubt then error on the side of caution.

4) In the subject line, indicate which Db2 (z/os or luw) and version you are referring to. That way you get the best response to your post.

5) And NO nick names.!!!!!!!!! (this also refers to #1 above). You will be removed from the listserv.

6) When the Administrator(s) close a thread it is closed. If you post following their closing the thread, you risk being kicked off the listserv.


The above reflects the posting rules, as set forth by Dan Luksetich, DB2-L Administrator, on 2018-03-23. It is posted here to DB2-L via the forum as a "sticky" *(top-posted) thread in the forum's Web presentation.


Phil Sevetson
IBM Information Champion, 2010-2012
IBM Certified DB2 mainframe DBA (z/OS), DB2 v7 - V10

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