DB2 v11 maintenance strategy / plan

Anil Kumar

DB2 v11 maintenance strategy / plan

Hi All,

Client has decided to move to periodical DB2 maintenance . So we are planning to apply DB2 V11 maintenance go forward. In this regard I would request expert suggestions from the members on how they do it in the respective shops. (We understand that there is no rule / fixed plan for the same and each one follows the plan which is most suitable to their shops. )

1) Different strategies that the shops adopt in applying maintenance to DB2 .

2) High level maintenance plans (end to end ) 

3) If possible some details plans (.xls or a link where some would be available)

4) any documentation (prev IDUG docs , share docs that we can use).

The idea is to present the client with few custom plans and allow them to decide which one would best suit.

I would appreciate all your inputs in this regard. Any other useful info / suggestions/ inputs would definitely help.