IDUG EMEA Conference : Abstract Submission Deadline is Monday (April 16th)

Philip Nelson

IDUG EMEA Conference : Abstract Submission Deadline is Monday (April 16th)

If any of you still are interested in submitting an abstract for
consideration for IDUG EMEA, then be aware that the deadline is this Monday
(April 16th).

Being an IDUG speaker has many benefits.

Firstly you get to share your knowledge with your peers. Whether you think
it or not, you have something unique and interesting to contribute - the
sessions that our attendees most appreciate are those based on real

Then it is a great way to get to know more people in the community. The
first time some of the "DB2 greats" turned up for one of my sessions I had
a major panic, since I knew that they already knew more about the topic
than I will ever know. But they were very encouraging, and many of them
are firm friends now who I can (and regularly do) turn to for advice.

And of course there is the small matter of a free conference registration -
always a great way to encourage your employer to let you attend !!!

Last year was widely considered one of the best IDUG Conferences ever.
This year, we need you to help us to make it even better. So go ahead and
get those abstracts in - the Conference Planning Committee are waiting to
review them.


Philip Nelson
IDUG EMEA 2018 Presentation Team Lead (and 2019 Chair Elect)