GSKit errors, DB2 doesn't open SSL port

Michael Borne

GSKit errors, DB2 doesn't open SSL port


I've been configuring DB2 to connect to a remote DB2 server with SSL and when I wanted to configure a local SSL port so that a local application can connect to it, I encountered this errors:

MESSAGE : DIA3604E The SSL function "gsk_environment_init" failed with the
return code "108" in "sqlccLoadSSLLibrary".

DIA3603E SSL was not setup. Return code = "91"

Also when starting database:

SQL5043N Support for one or more communications protocols failed to start successfully. However, core database manager functionality started successfully.
SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.

Explanation for return code for gsk error:

0x0000006c108 GSK_ERROR_LOAD_GSKLIB An error occurred loading one of the GSKit dynamic link libraries. Be sure GSKit was installed correctly.

DB2 version is v10.1


Configured LD_LIBRARY_PATH, even LIBPATH, or SHLIB_PATH environment variables with the db2 gsk library folder. Checked gsk8_ver and it's the one that DB2 v10.1 should have. 

Libraries are good, because else I couldn't use gsk to import cert to kdb or connect to the remote server with SSL...

The instance runs on sh shell and I'm exporting the env variables above by adding them in the instance .profile

Can anyone help with this ?

Thank you,