Dave Nance

 Hey all thanks for any help.
Inherited a system, has QREP going from a main DB to another, some changes to other are replicated back to main. Problem is there are triggers on quite a few tables in the other system.
I'll explain as main is P and other is X.
Change made to table1 on P, gets replicated to X, trigger gets fired, calls a stored proc, which will cause additional changes to tables on X. Trigger causes updates to table2, which has replication back to P. Since it was replication that started all of this, the changes in table2 are not replicated back to P. This causes tables to get out of synch. Application team states this used to work.
My thought is to create triggers/stored procs in both P and X and then set up subscriptions to igntrig. Is there some setting where I could tell QREP to replicate the changes that it caused. Pretty sure it doesn't as I could see such a setup causing a loop of replication.

David Nance